Friday, July 27, 2007

Ode to Me

So I created this blog a while ago, but I kept not being able to think of anything to write. (Such is my own excitingness.) So finally I decided that in honor of my 24th birthday on Monday (July 23) In no particular order and for no particular reason, here are 24 things about me:

1) At this moment I'm wearing pink plaid shorts. (They're cuter than they sound.)
2) Curry is my favorite food in the world. Thai curry, Indian curry, red curry, green curry, yellow curry, I love it all.
3) My favorite band is Ozma
4) My preferred method of curling my hair is to twist it into a tight bun on the top of my head. (Think Mulan, very hot.) I leave it there for a day or so and then let it out and my hair is limply curly. Well, its maybe not my preferred method, but it's definitely the one I use most often.
5) When I was four I met Dolly Parton.
6) One of my favorite movies when I was a little kid was Big Business, which may or may not have been related to #5.
7) I can say the alphabet backwards really fast. While patting my head and rubbing my stomach. And hopping up and down on one foot. And turning in circles.
8) When I was a kid my greatest ambition was to become an Olympic gymnast. I worked towards this goal by doing somersaults on the back of our leather couch in the living room while instructing on lookers to pretend that they were back flips.
9) Phish food is my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor.
10) But I prefer Hagen Daz.
11) But I don't usually buy either one because I'm not made of money.
12) I wish I were made of money.
13) Well, not literally because that might make wearing shoes kind of difficult, but a little extra cash wouldn't hurt.
14) While I don't have a favorite number exactly, the number 8 is most definitely my least favorite number.
15) Last summer I taught English in Taiwan for two months.
16) While I was there I learned how to say about five things in Mandarin.
17) I recently graduated from UCLA with a BA in History. This means I am qualified to:
  • Go to graduate school
  • Make scoffing noises during Mel Gibson movies
  • Work at Barnes and Noble

18) My best friend is Lacie, who every now and then has adorable children like this one.

19)When I was in high school I was obsessed with being a spy. This manifested itself in various aliases, the occasional wearing of black leather(ette) pants and the liberal use of Lacie's little brothers' walkie-talkies.

20) I think the term "walkie-talkie" is hilarious. Particularly when used in reference to the military.

21) I think the world would be a better place if nobody talked to each other until ten. I actually think wars would stop. I base this primarily on my senior year of high school when I didn't have class until ten. I would wake up to the sound of my mom peeling out of the drive way around eight, and then float around the pleasantly empty house. I'd make some cereal, watch a little Matlock, it was pretty much awesome.

22) I want to be Andy Griffith when I grow up.

23) I used to be addicted to coloring my hair, but this addiction came to an abrupt halt when my friend stopped working in a salon and started having adorable children of her own.

24) While I myself don't have children, I do my utmost to strive towards being adorable.