Monday, October 10, 2011

Soon I will

Clean my kitchen

Cook dinner

Take my dog for a walk

Apply for yet another job, in my neverending search

Curl my hair

Start wearing bras again

Write a novel

Write a better novel

Take a sewing class

Buy a sewing machine

Eat Paleo for a month

Start excercising

Begin waking up at a reasonable hour

Make meal plans and stick to them

Buy a plane ticket to a foreign country

Start wearing better shoes

Stop looking a Pinterest every five minutes

Take pictures of my house and post them on the internet

Buy pumpkins to put on my front porch

Try making a slip cover for my couch

Clean the dog poop off my back patio

Make new friends

Call my Mom

Update my facebook

Wax my ladystache

Stop saying ladystache, cause gross

Buy a new GPS to replace my poor stolen Daniel

Hang the pictures in the Study

Stop pretentiously calling our extra room the Study

Nevermind, no I won’t

That part is awesome the end.