Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How many times is too many times to write "hate" in all caps?

I'm sitting in the library trying with ALL MY HEART to study even a little tiny bit for the test I have Friday. And also work on the little (read: HUGELY TIME CONSUMING) project also due Friday. But you know what? A lot of things keep getting in my way. Here they are:

1) Facebook. Too many status updates to read/too many people willing to chat. If only there a way to turn off that function. 

2) Gmail.

3) I hate this assignment.

4) Mari accidently drove away with all of my books.

5) Having to use the online resources are making problems 1 & 2 waaaaay too accessible.

6) Suddenly remembered I had a blog. So of course I HAD to go post immediately, because I wouldn't want to neglect my faithful readers.

7) Lauren is being particularly unhelpful, stealing my caffy mints, spreading falsehoods about me all around the a wonder I still soldier on.

8) Did I mention how much I HATE this assignment?

I'd tell you all about the fascinating class that leads me to post here tonight, but I'm feeling bitter about it and I would HATE to complain.