Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Since the last time I blogged I:

Got older, had party, went to Utah, painted a mug, tried to steal Lacie's son, gave him back when it became crystal clear the lad had NOT mastered toilet training, and also because thats apparently not legal in this part of the country, came home, went to eighty billion weddings in various parts of the state, took a Stats class, refused to buy the stupid book, had a teeny party by myself to celebrate the end of said stats class, went to the beach but not nearly enough, BROKE my laptop for good and for real, a pair of tweezers may have been involved (I KNOW, and I don't want to talk about it.), was gifted with real live ART, read East of Eden, decided halfway through that I wanted John Steinbeck to be my literary boyfriend, saw his slightly creepy mustachioed picture on the back, decided we should just be friends, worried about how to break it to him, remembered he was dead, felt better, then felt slightly guilty and possibly a little delusional, and finally I went ahead and broke grammer by writing the longest run on sentence ever. I had a bunch of pictures of these events, which would really make this post a lot more interesting...but they are all on my dear departed laptop, and I just couldn't go one more day with the stupid doctor story up.