Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FAQ About My Upcoming Wedding:

When is the big day???

June 13th!!!

Oh, isn't that a Monday?

Yes, yes it is.

How come you're getting married then?

Alex is taking is med school boards on June 10th (a Friday),and then he starts his rotations on June 20th. Getting married the day after the boards seemed like a bad idea, and we wanted as much time as possible to honeymoon/move to Washington.

Wait, you're moving to Washington???

Right??? Alex's school has a northwest track, and homeboy is on it...so Tacoma, Washington, here we come!

So, boards, wedding, honeymoon, moving...all in one week. doesn't that seem...um...busy?

Yes, yes it does.

Well, where is the wedding going to be?

In Claremont! At a place called: "The Bromansion". That's french for my bros live there.

You're getting married in a house where five twentysomething guys live? Is that wise?

First of all, I don't care for the tone of that question, McJudgy. Secondly, I don't recall mentioning the five twentysomethings...are you psychic?

No, I'm not a real person...you're the one writing this.

Agree to disagree.

Let's just change the subject. What kind of food are you having?

Taco truck.



What kind of cake are you having?


What are your colors?

I'm not having "colors" per se.

Have you...have you ever been to a wedding?

I refuse to dignify that with a response.