Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm working on a project for work as well as a homework assignment that both need to be finished today. So now seemed like a really good time to write a blog post! I keep being incredibly busy and having lots of updates...but not telling you about them. So here is a quick list of things I've been doing in the last three months:
  • Started my job! I counsel students, plan events, present workshops, and go to conferences. It's very fancy. Also, I eat all the time. No, seriously, I don't think a week has gone by that there hasn't been some kind of food event. My first day there was a party at the Dean of Student's House. I was all, haha! Watch out or I'll get used to this! And turns out, now I AM used to it. I've stopped preparing lunches almost entirely. One of the events I helped plan (and emcee!) was a fashion show to highlight appropriate business wear. Here is a picture of me on the runway:
  • Item number two: I went to Disneyland waaaay too much! How can that be possible? Answer: It can't. But seriously, I go all the time. I think I've been every week for the last six weeks. People keep visiting! First it was the Kennards, and we all went to Club 33 (This deserves a post all on it's own, but probably won't get one.):
Then Kristen came to visit, and this picture happened! (This trip also deserves it's own post but probably won't get one except that I'll say it here: While I had a ton of fun and witnessed the greatest imaginary light saber battle of all time, I am no longer cut out for Disney days longer than 8 hours.):Then Alex's sister came to visit, and we went to Disneyland again! But this time no one has posted pictures on facebook so I can't steal them. Which is a real shame because this trip involved fake mustaches. Everyone's loss.

At some point I also met up with Jeff and Cole and Kelly, but they didn't even bother to take a picture with me, so I have nothing to show for it. Very sad. Basically I go to Disneyland a lot. Six year old me would have been ecstatic to hear this was in her future.
  • Halloween happened! I went as Carmen Sandiego...a costume I'm extremely proud of but didn't bother to get a single picture of. So instead please enjoy this picture of me from last Halloween (weird face but great costume...amirite?):
  • I don't know...there is a lot more, but this post is getting long, and I really do have to do my homework. Oh! I'm taking one more class. It's on Fridays. Friday nights. It's very sad. But! Almost over. Eh, I'll try to write something else at some point, ever. So until then here is one more picture of me and Alex at Club 33: