Thursday, August 30, 2007


We got back from Utah on Monday! It was a grand old time, filled with singing, dancing and comic relief. No, not a musical, Julie's wedding! Well. Kind of like a musical. Julie got married on Saturday 25 at the Manti Temple.

Wedding Stats:

Height of the Bride: 4'10 1/2

Height of the Groom: 6'4

Number of bridesmaids: 3

Number of anti-brunette toddlers: 1 (This picture captures the four seconds that Caleb didn't cry when I was holding him. Hairist.)

Number of times we thought Uncle Joe was going to kill himself putting up wedding lights: Lots

Number of times Uncle Joe did kill himself putting up wedding lights: 0 (Hooray!)

Number of Tractors: 1

Number of crazy cool cousins dancing like dancing loons: Um...let me count...5 Burchs plus 4 Becks, plus assorted Bangerters and Haynies, minus a missionary, multiplied by 3 imports(Welcome to the fam Bernie, Shane and Steven!) , carry the Ben, divided by 2 = I don't know but we had fun!

(Let's pause for a brief yet random story!)

The night before the wedding, Jana, Marianne and I spent the night in the Haynie's Fairview farmhouse. Jana wanted to go for a walk, but being in a dark and isolated area didn't want to walk alone. Mari and I make it a point to try to be useful so we drove slowly along side Jana for 45 minutes, helpfully singing songs in place of her ipod. Safety first.

(And Scene!)


And now for my new favorite picture of Mari and I.

MARI (sneakily): Hey! Lets take a picture making the goofiest faces we can!

HANNAH (in a deceptively innocent tone): Ok!

*both snicker and look at the camera*

Upon discovery of the mutual deception:

Utah. She is fun.