Monday, April 28, 2008

Opressive Heat and Monday Grumpiness Cause Sporadic Blogger to Mumble About Math and Jousting. Please Send Smoothies.

Today was hot hot hot! And while I am pretty much a HUGE fan of summer and summer like weather...uck. I only like this weather when I'm at the beach, and I could not help noticing that my math class was held in a class room AGAIN today. (Oh yeah, I teach math now, sort of. It's an after school thing.) But I don't know why I'm complaining because at least there was air conditioning. When I was in middle school, (Oh yeah, it's at a middle school.) we had either NO air conditioning or unreliable air conditioning. Which led to many zombie like classes. Of course I never complained about it because we totally got heat days, where we got out of school at 12:30. Which I thought was only fair since we had no chance at snow days unlike the rest of the world. I was sort of bummed when halfway through my freshman year the district installed new ac systems in all the schools. Anyway, my kids were cranky, and I was cranky, and even though we were blessed with icy blasts from overhead we were not was too hot for math and WE ALL KNEW IT! Whatever, this paragraph was boring. Hope you skimmed it!

So I went to a jousting tournament this weekend. (Totally should have opened with that instead.) My friend is in a sword fighting class and heard about it so the two of us drove down to San Diego and watched people in armor charge each other with lances. Actual armor. Actual lances. It was so great. Sometimes I just love watching the weird things that people do to entertain themselves. Like football. Anyway, I wanted to give one of the knights a handkerchief as a token of my esteem so people would know I was a lady, but the best I could do was a slightly used hello kitty tissue, and that just didn't seem appropriate somehow. After that we went to the beach and I was reminded yet again just how gross the water in Santa Monica is compared to the rest of the beaches in California. But I digress.

Oh man, when I sat down to write this post I felt like I had so much to say, but now my lap top is making me feel hot again and all I can think of is how I STILL don't have a swimming pool. Anyone want to come over and sit in the sprinklers with me?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Brief but Embarrassing Moment in Time

So I'm walking down the street in the Village headed for my car when behind me I hear a call: "Hannah!" says a voice. I turn around to see a girl about my age staring at me about three shops down. I freeze. I have no idea who she is. Did we know each other in high school? I am always amazed at the number of people who remember me from high school. I only remember like twelve people, and lest you think thats because I was school-jerk, let me assure you that I was merely EXTREMELY shy. Mumbled answers kinda shy. Hide in the library shy. Hair in my face shy. Elaborate one woman show for English class final shy. (That might seem like an sort of attention seeking thing to do but I assure you it was after remaining entirely tight lipped the entire semester, even refusing to read aloud my essay which by the way was a REQUIREMENT, choosing instead to take a C on that project. But it was literally a week before my surgery and I knew I wouldn't be seeing any of those kids for awhile so I threw on a costume, brought some hats and a prerecorded tape and blew the minds of Ms. Bobo's Comp 2 class! And then disappeared for six months. The perfect plan!) Anyhoo, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, so this chick is looking at me and I'm looking at her trying to think of anything that might spark some recognition and she repeats: "Hannah!" now starting to look a little offended. So I smiled really big and we started walking towards each other. When we were about ten feet apart I took a deep breath and said brightly, "Hiiiiiii..."
"Hannah!" she barked at the same moment sort of giving me an odd look out of the side of her eyes.
"I'm coming!" snapped a voice behind me.
Mortified I meet the strange girl's eyes. She raises an eyebrow. Otherhannah passes me. I veer left into a shop and pretend I was talking, the doorway? I don't know, internet. I just don't know.