Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Why I've Been So Quiet Sort of" a brief essay on how I'm weird.

Hey Internet! Do want to know one of my charming little quirks? Sometimes when I start having a lot going on, or maybe not enough going on, or maybe not really that much going on but oh boy the things that are going, are GOING if you know what I mean, (How could you possibly?), I get a little anxious. But thats not so much a quirk as it is humanity. See, when I get into one of these anxious spells I sort of start fearing the sound of my cell phone. Because, what if it is someone who wants me to do something? Like talk? About my day? So I start "accidentally" leaving my phone at home, or forgetting to charge it, or playing music really really loud so I just can't hear it if my phone goes off. Which is the perfect plan of course except for a little thing called voice mail. And once those start piling up my phobia increases exponentially. Because, now not only do I have to listen to what people wanted to tell me, but I'm going to have to call them back! So instead of doing what a normal person would, I just let the voice mail pile up for several days before I even check to see how many I have. Adorable huh?
Email's worse. With email I'll see that I have like five messages, and I think, oh man I just do not have the STRENGTH to look at these right now, I'll deal with them tomorrow. By which I mean next week. At which point the number has jumped to thirty. Thirty??? No way I can deal with thirty messages, I'd only prepped myself for five! Better leave it for a day or twenty. At which point the emails are in the seventies. Seventies!!! No time for that today no sir! I'll deal with it this weekend. (haha)
When I finally come out of one of these downward spirals and force myself to face the situation it is usually grim. More than a hundred emails and usually several unchecked voice mails. Usually I just delete everything and figure that if it were really important I probably would have been gotten a hold of somehow. I must say, there is a deep satisfaction that comes from clicking that "delete all" button. Occasionally the situation has gotten out of hand (uh, you know, MORE SO) and I've had to abandon email addresses altogether. Anyone still trying to get ahold of me via my hotmail address? You should probably know I'm pretty sure I haven't checked it since 2006. The UCLA email account? Left for dead late 2007. To be honest the best way to get a hold of me is probably to hide in the bushes outside my house. Where I'll be delighted to see you! Except if you're a stalker. In which case please wait respectfully across the street. (If you know me in real life this is kind of old news and you already wait in my bushes if you want to see me, and/or have given me up as a friend because HELLO! Phone Jerk!)
In my most recent February induced funk, (By the way, remind me to rant sometime about how much I DO NOT LIKE FEBRUARY!) I found that this annoying habit of mine extended into blogs! I kept wanting to comment on other people's blogs (Book Recommendations! Friday Fluff! Wednesday Giggles!), but I hadn't updated my blog in forever! Better not I told myself because then people will know I've been online! But I figured if I just stayed quiet people might think I had lost my computer or something. And then they would feel bad for me and still want to be my friend!
Which brings me to the point of this weird and rambly post, because...Guess what??? I found my computer! And also it's March which is way better for blogging anyway.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh yeah, remember how I have a BLOG???

I bet I have all kinds of important things to tell you about including but not limited to: creative employment, plans for summer, long lost sisters and my ADDICTION to mint three musketeers! But instead let me tell you a story called "How That One Time When I Went to Pick Up My Sister At Lunch Today My Car Rolled Over and Played Dead!" It begins with me going to pick up my sister at lunch today, but stay tuned because there is a surprise ending.