Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Remember when bad meant cool?

Do you know what is awesome about Liz W.? She hands me blog post ideas FOR FREE! Which is good because its about time for my monthly post. Probably should work on that. Anyway, her suggestion was to write five things your really bad at, and even boldly faced up to her poor avocado selection skills. (I should say alleged, I have no real proof that Liz has poor avocado skills except her word. I might need another witness.) So without further ado:

1) Painting finger nails. I don't know why I never mastered this skill, but even now at the age of somewhere in my twenties, when I try and paint my nails it looks like a kindergartner did it. A charming and well intentioned kindergartner I'm sure...but not exactly known for her great cosmetic dexterity.

2) Filling out applications. Of any kind. School, Job, um...those are the only kinds I can think of. But I HATE them! I just sit and stare at my computer screen for hours doing absolutely anything except actually filling out my application. Occasionally I have to be bribed like the charming well intentioned but kind of ornery kindergartner that I am.

3) Being in charge. Oh how I hate being in charge of anything, especially events. I'm scared to delegate, but I consistently procrastinate the most important tasks (something I'm doing RIGHT NOW!) and spend the whole event in a near panic.

4) Not being in charge. I also don't like being out of the loop. And when I see people planning and organizing I totally want in, and I start getting cranky if I feel like my ideas aren't being given the FULL ATTENTION that they deserve. But I'm worse at #3 and so I try to remember that when I get that boss lady feeling.

5) And finally, I'm bad at chess. Do not understand it at all. I blame this on the prehistoric computer of my childhood. My sisters and I figured out how to cheat and change all our pawns to queens, which, so you know, makes it so that you can win in one move. People get very annoyed when you try to do this in real life.