Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Day So Far:

Got a letter from the financial aid office saying that they need yet ANOTHER piece of paperwork before they can give me my money for the year. Realized that even when I do turn that paper in, I still am not going to get any money for this summer, so that's fun. Worked on the mountain of papers due before the end of the quarter next week. Kept not having chocolate no matter how many times I checked my purse. Headed off to the group I've been leading for one of my group counseling classes. (I should preface this next sentence with this: I AM TOTALLY FINE!) Managed to hydroplane as I was exiting the freeway and crunched the front end of my car on the center divider. As a result of this I was a couple of minutes late showing up to the school I've been working at, to be met by the principal waving me and my ghetto busted car into the parking lot. Shaky and upset I took a deep breath and headed into the group. I'll keep my description of the group short and sweet. BOYS! TWELVE! RAINY DAY! ENERGY!!!!!! They were working on a project that included writing things on envelope labels. About half way through the group someone had stuck a label to the back of my sweater. Which was excellent because I had just been thinking that what this day was REALLY missing was a "Kick Me" sign. I peeled the label from my back and began preparing a stern-but-kind lecture about respect and authority and probably spelling. The label said: 
"Ms. Birch is going to be a great counselor". 
I felt a smile spread across my face, and a warm glow spread across my heart. All in all? Not a bad day.