Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still Tuesday

Oops! I made it a goal to post everyday this week, and while it is 11:57 pm as I type, I still count this as Tuesday so I better post quick, because the clock is ticking. I don't have anything clever or funny to say (which is kind of the norm these days), so we're going to use this as a hopefully informative post. What are good games to play at a ward halloween type party? We're having one on Tuesday and on Sunday I was casually informed that as part of my new calling I'll be incharge of games on Saturday...so, what's your poison? Bobbing for apples? Donuts on a string? Halloween dance off? (I'm not entirely clear on how thats different from a regular dance off, but I imagine it has something to do with the costumes.) Do you see why I should probably have help? Also...prize suggestions? Happy Tuesday in any case!

*Edited to add: Woo hoo I made it! Also, blogger thinks it's only 11:54, which makes me think this computer is kind of a nervous nellie.


Ms. Liz said...

Once again - joy in my day. :D

Ms. Liz said...

Game wise: There is always passing around glow in the dark lipstick to the girls and playing "capture the flag" with the lights off. That was always fun.

Grouping random people together and making them make up a skit that includes or alludes to all of their respective costumes is always fun too.