Friday, August 26, 2011

The Honeymoon Chronicles: Trees of Mystery Edition.

The drive up to Washington was relatively quiet after our great freeway adventure. We did manage to have a few adventures, though...Including driving along and suddenly passing a giant statue of Paul Bunyan. Let me repeat that for you: A. Giant. Statue. Paul. Bunyan. PAUL BUNYAN! Perhaps you knew that this existed, but we were not aware. We were just driving through Kalamath minding our bidness, when BAM! PAUL EFFING BUNYAN!
Hmm? Just a couple of bros hangin.

Hmm? Just a couple of babes hangin...haha. Heh. Shut up.

One of the best parts is that Paul Bunyan was full on animatronic. His hand would wave at you, and there was a guy doing the voice, so yeah, I've full on talked with Paul Bunyan. I talked to Babe the Blue Ox too, but he was less chatty.

Afterwords we drove through the Trees of Mystery and drove through the famous hollow tree. And look, if that isn't a little piece of honeymoon Americana, I don't know what is.

If you were wondering, yes. It was very difficult fitting the Clampett Mobile through the tree. But we did it!

Stay tuned next time when we steal from the National Steinbeck Center!


Liz W. said...

I've always had a thing for Paul.

I think it's because as a child I wanted him to carry me in his pocket while he stepped across the U.S. in like 20 minutes so I could spend the day at Coney Island.

I've also always had a thing for Coney Island.

In addition, I do not know these trees of mystery of which you speak. Do tell...

Hannah said...

The Trees of Mystery is the name of the tour you can take starting from where Paul and Babe are hanging out front. We didn't do the tour, but we did drive up to the tree, so I'm counting it. I just, I just loved the name. Like, if I were going to set up a tourist trap on the fringe of a national park, Trees of Mystery are EXACTLY what I would call it! That or: "Bridge to Narnia". That would be a good one too.

About us said...

Love these pics! Congrats again Hannah :) I'm so happy for you two. You both look so happy!!

About us said...

p.s. can you send me an email with your new email?