Saturday, January 12, 2008


Dear Stomach bug,

Seriously? Right now? I'm not saying there's necessarily a good time to loose the ability to consume food, stand up or roll over with out projectile vomiting...but when you are already on crutches, are unable to kneel over the toilet bowl and must wear a complicated brace with a piece that goes right over your stomach seems like a particularly bad time. Go away. I hate you.

Incapacitatedly yours,



sarah said...

aww. no fun. i feel your pain. well i feel it through scarlette. i spent 3 hours in an urgent care with scarlette. she has an ear infection & a throat infection. no fun at all!
get better soon! i'd say eat lots of chicken noodle soup, but i don't want you to throw up again.

Hannah said...

Aw, poor Scarlette! We should write congress or something. Unacceptable.

Liz said...

Hannah! What in the world? You must have a wealthy benefactor in your future to have to endure such tandem trials.

Anonymous said...

Arr! What is happening? This must mean you'll be healthy the rest of the year.