Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ten Things That Made Me Happy In The Last Weekend

1) Getting my hair cut.
2) Watching the most recent episode of Project Runway on my cousin's tivo.
3) Getting to see Captain Sparklepants before her Americorp departure.
4) Having my hip abduction brace mistaken for a trendy belt.
5) Having my hip abduction brace mistaken for a Han Solo tribute.
6) New clothes.
7) Pedicures with Emily. I got my done with black polish, because I'm edgy now. You should see my bangs.
8) Going to Yoku Yoku, the best frozen yogurt in all the land! (At least in West LA anyway.)
9) Discovering the joys of Guitarhero. (Um, I don't want to get mad at anyone here, but WHY did nobody introduce me to Guitarhero before this? I think I might have found my life's calling.)
10) Seriously folks, Han Solo. Awesome.


Liz said...

Your hip brace was mistaken for a Han Solo tribute?

Details, please!

Was this just said in passing, like "Man, is that(pointing to your brace) a tribute to Han Solo?"

Or, was it more like "Hey, you remember that episode of Star Wars where Han Solo does [insert whatever Han Solo did], well, your brace totally reminds me of him, like some kind of tribute."

Empress of Venus said...

Hannah just wait until Rock Band finds you. It's like Guitar Hero with lots of instruments.

I want all your Cullen news when you have any!

Amanda said...

I think we all would like to see two photos.
1) Your Han Solo belt
2) Your edgy bangs

Hannah said...

Liz: I saw a friend of mine I hadn't seen for awhile at a party on Saturday and we chatted for a bit but he didn't say anything about the brace. Then the next day at church when I was still wearing it he was like, "Oh man, I thought that was just like a Han Solo thing!" I can't actually remember if he said the word "tribute". But I was still delighted.

Emmy: I keep meaning to call you! I'm finished and we must talk!

Amanda: Working on it!