Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reasons I'm Thinking About Moving to My Gym

  1. What is the hardest part about going to the Gym? Getting up and actually going. Right? If I lived there then all I would have to do is stand up.
  2. Although I haves suggested it many times, my house continues to not have a) a snack bar, and b) a gift shop.
  3. Unlimited Crystal Light.
  4. Individual TVs, so no one has to argue over whether to watch House or Dancing With the Stars.
  5. On site masuses.
  6.  The dressing room would provide me with significantly more closet space, provided I could get a few dozen padlocks. 
  7. Number of swimming pools at the Gym: 3
  8. Number of swimming pools at my house: 0
I don't know. I think it could work.


Maria said...

You are the best and, p.s. I miss you.

Becca said...

wow i had never thought of it that way.

Andrea said...

Plus there are usually good looking guys to look at!

Kelly said...

You had me at number 1.

Lacie Black said...

If this "gym" has a daycare and an endless supply of chocolate cake I'm in!!!! Though I suppose the cake would technically be taking a step backward anything good in life and worth keeping around involves cake! so... I VOTE CAKE!!! (If we're talking about living there I don't think its too far a stretch of the imagination to say that this gym has cake... I'm just saying.) cake, cake, cake, cake, cake... I think i've made my point. cake.