Wednesday, December 3, 2008

NaBloPoFail: A Thanksgiving Story

"And so I'll post everyday in November!" Ahahahahaha! Oh I slay me. So obviously THAT didn't happen. To be fair however, can I just say that November totally kicked my butt? All the assignments I had been carefully saving up were suddenly DUE! Every single week brought new papers that needed to be wept over and then handed in, ever so slightly damp. I just couldn't write . Don't think I don't hear you all muttering things like "procrastinator", and "whiny", and "wahmbulence". Let me just say that only PART of this was due to the aforementioned procrastination. The other part was the quarter system. We don't need to go into discussions about which percentage goes to which part, lets just all agree that through herculean effort I managed to perservere with grace and aplomb. Quiet, yes I did. Yes I did. And I do to know what "aplomb" means! You know I really don't appreciate this lack of support. Let us turn our attention to some Thanksgiving pictures and put all this ugliness behind us shall we?

Amy and Anna.

A traditional gathering 'round the pie.

Anthony and Mari

Anthony and Joey?

Thats more like it!

My Favorite picture of the whole day.

My other favorite.

Playing Pass the Anna!

Boy she sure likes that lighter!

She sure does.

Lets not tell Cherie, ok?

Mom and Renee slaving away.

And now here's Mari B to Top Model us out!


Maria said...

Yea!! What a fun Thanksgiving! I can't wait to be out there with you guys! And you'll have to road trip with us back to Utah whenever you get the chance. That looks like so much fun. Seriously though, I can't wait to see you guys. California, here we come!

Marianne said...

Awwwwwwwww, I'm so hot.

kwistin said...


is that you?! we can be BlOG PALS too! oh, man, brilliant. know what else is brilliant? thanksgiving pictures to distract from...other less pleasant things. things like procrastina...i don't even remember. ;)

maybe we should start a blog about waiting for our bristin and bannah to come....