Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Question of the Day:

If you were given the opportunity to go on a mission to colonize Mars, would you go? Keep in mind: It takes a long time to get to Mars. But not nearly as long as I thought! According to this site you could hypothetically do a trip to Mars in just under three years. So let's pretend that's the timeline. Well I guess that wouldn't really be colonizing it. Well kind of? Ok, Question a) would you be willing to colonize Mars? And question b) if not colonize, would you be willing to go on a three year mission to Mars? What do you mean "Nerd"?

Also, is there a condition under which you would say yes, but other wise no deal? For example: "I'd go if I could call home and talk to my family, but if not then I'd stay home." or "I'll go if Hugh Jackman is there, but otherwise FORGET IT."

And Finally, when you went home, do you think you would be allowed to take rocks and stuff as souvenirs? Or is it like a national park?

No YOU spent to much time on NASA.gov today!


Amanda said...

I love you!!
I wouldn't go to colonize Mars, but I do think you are fantastic! :) Thanks for making me smile.

Ourphxsons said...

I find it very interesting that we can "hypothetically" travel to mars in 3 year, but we still can't seem to find the resources needed to fund our school systems or feed the needy. But I'm just a mom so what do I know. The answer is NO...I have no interest in Mars, but let me know if they get that school thing figured out will ya! :D XO ang

Joe Haynie said...

I'd totally go to Mars in a heartbeat 'cause I love cheese! Wait...or is that the moon?

Anonymous said...

I would go to Mars if Mars was the Earth and everyone from Earth was there too! Otherwise I'm staying on Earth. BTW I think you could take stuff until there were too many tourists, after that only scientists could take stuff, after it was officially deemed a national park of course!
(I know I should get an account but I'm lazy)