Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent Blog Fail: Day #18

Are any of us surprised? I didn't think so. So, I was debating just giving up entirely, and then I was just going to start from where I was, and now I've decided to just kamikaze this thing and give you thirteen make up posts in the next hour. And then I got tired. So, lets do that other idea after all.

Let's kick things off with a list of other holiday things I've started and not finished:

1) Gingerbread houses:

My mom came up with this really good idea for each of us to make and decorate a gingerbread house this year. We downloaded a bunch of patterns from the internet, and each made a different one. So far mine has been cut, baked, assembled, and half decorated. I haven't done anything else in a week and a half. But I have full intentions of completing every thing! Which probably makes this the longest gingerbread construction project in the history of ever. Or at least in the history of me. Also possibly the only gingerbread construction project in the history of me.

2) Christmas shopping: I have a little less than half of my presents purchased and exactly NONE of them wrapped.

3) Christmas cards: I got a little ambitious this year and decided to send out Christmas cards. Here is where I am in the process. I have purchased some. Here is what is hindering me at the moment. I...I don't have anyone's address. And also...what does one put in a Christmas card again? I think I'm bad at this.

4) This list.

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mapmaker's wife said...

I wanted to see the kamikaze thing.