Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweatin' to the Oldies: Christmas Style

I just want to start things off by saying: I'm sure your stocking is very nice. Really! I'm sure it's red and green and very Christmasy. And even if it's not I'm sure it's very nice! I just had to get that out there, because I didn't want you to feel jealous. You see....I have news. Like Casey, Camille and Liz before me: I have a Rachel Knecht ORIGINAL Felt Stocking Creation. BEHOLD:

Hmm? Why yes, that IS Richard Simmons on my stocking.
Let's take a closer look shall we?

When Rachel said she was making a Richard Simmons stocking and say, did anyone want it, I think I may have dislocated my shoulder getting my hand in the air. But the months of rehabilitation were more than worth it, because I can't even convey how amazing this stocking is. The gold thread! the inappropriately tiny shorts! The SHOELACES!!! It's just...a masterpiece.

Thank you Rachel, I love it.


Rachel said...

Part of the joy of making these stockings is that they go to people who REALLY appreciate them. I love that you love it and will display it with pride and maybe just a little gloatiness.

mapmaker's wife said...


Lolo said...

jealous. so jealous.

Richard Simmons Applique....yes i want him on everything.

Anonymous said...

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