Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas: The blog series, Part two.

Tomorrow will be more creative....really! It might! But I promised daily posts, and an extra today, so here is a picture of Disneyland's freshly decorated castle:

I'm not going to say directly who may or may not have started crying a little when the fake snow started going. But I'll give you a hint. And oh, who are we kidding. I totally teared up too. The holiday celebrations at Disneyland is one of the best parts of Christmas in Southern California! It's right up there with wearing flip flops to pick out a Christmas tree, and commercials for Santa's Village.*

And now, to top model us out, here's me on the carousel:

*Meanwhile, I realize that Santa's Village is probably closed now, and by all reports was kind of sad before it was closed, but it remains one of the great regrets of my childhood that my parents never took me there.


Rachel said...

1.) I miss the Santa's Village commercials.

2.) I must find a time to make it to Disneyland for the snow.

3.) Whilst going through the World's Largest Felt Collection I noticed an unfinished Richard Simmons stocking that I believe you called dibs on a very long time ago. Am I right in this? If so, it will be completed by the end of next week and ready for display in a prominent place.

Hannah said...

Oh Rachel, you are ABSOLUTELY right in this! I don't even know if I can properly convey how happy this news makes me! I'm at this exact moment looking all over my house for the PERFECT spot!

laurenlou said...

i can't believe you so publicly outed me as a disneyland crier. ima write something about you, now...