Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas Post! Day 1: Sort of.

Every year when December rolls around, my mom heads down to the drugstore and brings home a chocolate advent calendar for each one of us. Here's a bad picture of one that I stole from google:

If you have supermanlike vision, you'll see little numbers all over that mark the little doors. You open a door and get a chocolate, one for everyday before Christmas.

By family tradition, my brother eats all of his on the first day. Except for the year he was vegan, when he sneered at the very idea. The chocolate's are kinda waxy, but for some reason, they remain a delightful daily treat. And when I eat one, (or seven, depending on how many days I forgot/couldn't restrain myself) it feels like Christmas.

This year, I've decided to turn my dusty old blog into an online advent calendar. Sadly, I have no waxy chocolate to offer you, but in it's place, every day till Christmas I'll post something Christmas related. (Original!) It may be an old memory, photos of what holiday stuff is going on, an inappropriate Rudolph themed haiku...I'm really not sure.

And yes, I am aware that this is in fact the second day of December, so I'm already off to a bad start...but if it makes you feel any better, I haven't eaten my chocolate yet either. To make up for it, I'll put up an extra post later tonight.


Amanda said...

Oh goodie! I'm so excited that you will be posting again! I'll read anything you write. I think that after Christmas is over, you should just pick a new theme. Maybe even a theme of the week. I'm feeling inspired in your behalf. You're welcome!

Sarah said...

Love this idea. I'll be anxiously awaiting your posts! :)

Hannah said...

Heh, lets just see how long I can keep THIS month's plan going!